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March 19, 2021

This project was a great way to see how a website revamp can affect a brand’s message, transforming it to one that entails it’s services and impact better than ever before. ETC is a smart home installation & service company that offers cutting edge smart home benefits to their clients. And while their industry is one of a modern, futuristic appeal, their site did not accurately translate their message or brand well.


Before Venture Victory

The site started as a normal cookie cutter site that was pleasant to look at, but lacking in content and graphics. 


Their site did not have that modern technology feel they were looking for. When coupled with little graphics and not much company service information, the user was left at time lost or unmotivated to make a conversion.



Users should be able to understand your company and value proposition easily. The site should also include CTAs to make creating a purchasing decision easier, and include options to easily learn more about the company and services. 


Without proper maintenance and follow through, the site started to deteriorate and break over time. With glitches starting to appear and a style that was outdated and no longer impressed the user. 


Venture Victory Website Revamp


We wanted the first visit to the site to create an impact and impress the viewer with the feeling of modern & technology. We incorporated a menu that flowed with the webpage and a graphic that showcased the impact ETC can do to a home. 

With a CTA to start on the header and more graphics that automatically sift through, the viewer can get a great first impression of the modern technology and ecosystem that ETC can provide for smart homes. 



Explaining the services and benefits of ETC was the natural progression of the page, where we describe what ETC does. We break it into easy to understand categories, that can take the user to a respective page for each service. 

Underneath we add certifications (for credibility), and the benefits that ETC provides. Directly explaining to the user the value ETC can provide. 



Under the benefits portion of the page, we provide a promo video with real customer reviews sliding on the right of it. This shows the user the quality of service provided by ETC, allowing them to go through the validation process. 

With all this information provided they should be able to understand whether ETC is a good company for their needs and we allow for an easy conversion on the page. A contact form, number, and contact us button; all ways for the user to get in touch without being overbearing. 


All these benefits were added with a website revamp, while being modern & attractive. When looking at your site you need to ensure that you are constantly updating & evolving it to best fit your target market’s needs & wants. Staying attractive & relevant is key to ensuring a great user experience, where first impressions are very important for leads, prospects, and customers. 

If you want to see how your site could benefit from a website revamp or some additional TLC (tender loving care) reach out to a project manager! Ensure your site and business model works in tandem to deliver the best results.

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