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April 21, 2021

A great idea remains an idea without the proper follow through, and the Grace Notes Music Foundation had a great idea of raising money for their foundation. Focused on providing a bright future for musicians by providing financial support & opportunities; every dollar contributed goes directly to their mission. 

The goal was to provide a simple user friendly experience for the foundation supporters to donate in exchange for “Adopting A Day”. This way the donor can proudly showcase their adopted day and do donate to a great cause while doing so.


With a well placed effective landing page viewers can easily see the reasoning & impact for a donation to the foundation and the benefits of their adopt a day donation. By creating an easy to understand user interface viewers can donate money on the same page as well.

When users are forced to go to a new payment or cart page, they may end up leaving the cart and not following through with their purchase or donation, for reasons including:

  • Concern over placement of funds
  • Inability to review payment reasoning
  • Unclear purchasing process
  • Distrust in the payment system itself
  • Lack of brand follow through



We address all of these concerns including after-purchase information. With automatic email notifications to both the donor and the foundation team, every donation can be reviewed & processed correctly and easily. The included option to make this a renewing subscription was another great way to help the user easily make recurring donations to the foundation.


This simple project was a great way to showcase the impact a targeted, focused website design strategy can do. By adding a new landing page with a different perspective on donations users are able to donate in the method that seems to provide more value to them. We were so grateful to work with an amazing foundation with a mission that moves us. If you’d like to learn more about the Grace Notes Music Foundation, check them out on their website or socials!

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