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September 29, 2022

A brand’s message is how they communicate to the world what value they aim to deliver. A good brand message can excite your target market, engage clients, or increase the awareness of its services. How a brand communicates this message can take various forms: slogans, sales pitch, social media posts, and others. 

They all do share common elements so we can start by asking three simple questions about your brand, which will go over in this post, to ensure you deliver a quality message.


We’ll use For Plants as an example of a quality brand message that speaks to its market and communicates its values and goals. They are a brand focused on making plant care easier, through their products and resources; so everyone can enjoy happy and healthy plants.


Who are you?

This may seem like an obvious question that doesn’t require much thinking. But you can easily realize that this question leaves you with a vague answer. A quality answer to this question should be precise, something that distinguishes your brand from others like yours. 

For Plants answers this question with: We are a brand focused on providing resources and products for your plants to be happy and healthy. This details that they are a brand, and what their focus is. You leave very little room for questions by providing a simple to the point answer. Worst thing to do is provide an answer to the question “who are you?” that leaves the customer more confused than anything else. 


What do you do?

Here you want to get detailed, as detailed as possible. This should not be a general overview of company activities, or be forward thinking. Explain in clear terms what it is your company does on a day to day basis. The better this is explained the more your potential customer will understand your value add.

For Plants provides products, information, and other resources via their e-commerce site focused on a plant care niche. This may seem similar to the response given above, and this is kind of the point. A clear simple message will be able to answer multiple questions clearly and plainly. Over-explaining can turn a customer away who wants to get straight to brass tacks. An answer is simple and the customer is left wondering. 


Why do you do it?

Here you can get a little inspirational, feel free to share your end goal or vision for the impact your company will have. MAke sure it’s genuine, and it’ll resonate with your customers. Talk about the value you wish to add to your industry, a problem you are solving and what is the reason for solving it. Make sure to keep it short and sweet, to ensure people listen. The why may be the most important question, because customers will ultimately decide on what company to go with based on their why. If it aligns, they will resonate with your company more and feel comfortable to work with you.

For Plants have a “why” that is very simple and genuine: Make plant care easier, for happy and healthy plants. In a world where everything is getting easier and easier, taking care of household plants can seem like a chore. But with the right information and toolset, taking care of plants can be easy, and reap many benefits for your health and home. 


Tying it all together

Your brand message can be simple, long, funny, serious, or nonsensical. The biggest thing that matters is that it’s true to your company, true to your company’s values, and meaningful. With these three questions you should be able to gather a little easier what your brand message is. 


Working with a digital marketing agency can help piece together your brand message with a little more nuance. A quality brand message is how you first communicate with your customers, and first impressions matter. Check out our blog or get in touch with a specialist to see how best to market your brand.

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