Henry A Castillo

Solving problems & making an impact is what I’m all about.

Sr. Project Manager

On-call lead for VV clients & their projects.

Joining our team in 2019, Henry has been a great asset developing attractive effective websites for VV clients.

With an in depth knowledge of multiple industries & business models each site he works on contains tools to make their website be more than just a website.

Software config, graphic design, content marketing, Henry is our swiss army man.


Web Design and all things business operations.


My eye for style & attention to detail makes me very good at making sure a site looks good and works perfectly.


Understanding a business & their value proposition is what I base my designs on, making sure their site aligns with the business model & their brand.


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Featured Project

This project was a lot of fun for me, a complete online presence transformation.


Their website design was very outdated and non user friendly and their new site is easy to navigate and most importantly easy to reach out to, with CTAs throughout the entire page.


SEO optimized with quality content creation their site is more attractive than ever with more organic traffic to admire it!

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